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Face & Nose Augmentation

Chin fillers

Making use of the naturally occurring hyaluronic acid, it provides a safe way to shape the chin to achieve a clean-cut, V-shaped jawline. This reversible treatment allows for a non-permanent solution to alter the shape of the chin according to the client’s preferences.

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Ellanse™ Anti-ageing Fillers

Ellanse fillers stand out for its added anti-ageing properties that are suspended within the gel layer. It instantly lifts and sculpts the restoring volume and shine to ageing skin. It is a longer-lasting choice with comparatively better abilities to maintain volume.

How Ellanse™ Anti-ageing Fillers Works

Hiko Nose Thread Lift

The Hiko Nose Thread Lift employs the use of Ultra Fine, fully re-absorbable threads within the nose to raise both the nose bridge and nose tip to give a higher more defined appearance. This is a non-surgical, minimally invasive procedures that thus requires little downtime.

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Nose Fillers

Known as the “liquid nose job”, it aims to alter the shape of the nose bridge, nose top or nostrils to give a smaller more elegant look. Compared to a rhinoplasty, this procedure is reversible and requires significantly lesser downtime and produces much lesser bruising during recovery.

understand how Nose Fillers works


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