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Ellanse™ Anti-ageing Fillers

Ellanse™ Singapore

Ellanse™ Anti-ageing Fillers

Ellanse, unlike other fillers, does not use hyaluronic acid as its main component. The main component of Ellanse fillers is Poly-Caprolactone (PCL). This is a type of polymer that is bio-resorbable – meaning that the body can naturally absorb it over time. Ellanse fillers serve to lift the skin, make it healthier, and restore volume that is lost as the skin ages.

Injecting Ellanse Filler

How do Ellanse fillers work?

Ellanse fillers work differently from the more traditional hyaluronic acid fillers. When injected into the skin, Ellanse has anti-ageing properties.

  • Ellanse has a specific gel carrier it is suspended within, called carboxymethylcellulose (CMC). This has an instant lifting and sculpting effect on the skin. However, this effect eventually subsides within 3 months.
  • The microspheres of PCL work within your skin to stimulate it to naturally produce collagen. Collagen is crucial to your skin looking firm and healthy. This effect peaks out at around 3 months.

Ellanse fillers are made out of PCL microspheres, which degrade differently from other fillers. From the moment Ellanse fillers are injected into your body, your body’s tissue naturally reabsorbs the PCL microspheres. The greater the amount of fillers injected, the longer the effects will last as the body will take much longer to reabsorb it.

What are the benefits of Ellanse fillers over normal fillers?

  • Ellanse fillers last longer than normal hyaluronic acid fillers
  • Ellanse fillers can be cheaper long term
  • Ellanse maintains volume better over time
  • Ellanse has better sculpting properties for the chin, forehead and nose

Of course, hyaluronic fillers have some advantages over Ellanse as well. Always check with a certified doctor what fillers are best for you and your aesthetic goals.

Where are Ellanse fillers generally used?

Compared to other fillers, Ellanse fillers are incredibly versatile. In general, Ellanse fillers can be used for multiple purposes such as restoring volume to the forehead, as well as sculpting harder areas like the nose or chin. Some doctors even use Ellanse fillers to restore volume to a patient’s hands.

Ellanse™ Anti-ageing Fillers

How long do the effects last? Is there any downtime?

The effects of Ellanse fillers on the skin is almost immediate. Depending on the type of the Ellanse fillers, the effects can last anywhere from 1 to 4 years. There are 4 types of Ellanse fillers. S, M, L and E. All these fillers have varying reabsorption rates as outlined below.

Ellanse – S: 1 year
Ellanse – M: 2 years
Ellanse – L: 3 years
Ellanse – E: 4 years

Please consult our doctor to see which type of Ellanse fillers suits you the best.

The procedure will be conducted under local anaesthesia and has been described to be quite tolerable. There isn’t any real downtime after an Ellanse fillers procedure and you should be able to resume regular activity after about an hour’s rest.


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