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Hyperhidrosis (Excessive Sweating)

What is Hyperhidrosis (Excessive Sweating)?

Hyperhidrosis, a condition that brings about uncontrolled sweating is either specific areas such as the underarms (axillary hyperhidrosis), palms (palmar hyperhidrosis) or in the whole body (generalised hyperhidrosis). Typically, hyperhidrosis is inclined to begin during adolescence with the underarms, palms and feet, being the most frequently affected areas.

Hyperhidrosis symptoms can be so severe for some though it is not life-threatening, to the point that it can be socially detrimental, causing embarrassment, anxiety and discomfort. Over time, the individual’s professional and personal relationships, self-image and even their emotional well-being could be affected.

Luckily, to treat this condition effectively there are several options available. When it comes to treating Hyperhidrosis though, the challenge lies in the number of people who do not pursue medical treatment for a myriad of reasons.

What are the symptoms of Hyperhidrosis?

Hyperhidrosis tends to reveal itself through wet or clammy palms and feet as well as sweaty underarms. There are cases where it is generalised throughout the whole body with constant and visible sweating. Typically, individuals experience these during the day when they encounter stressful situations such as examinations, interviews or public events, though not at night when they are sleeping.

Those suffering from Hyperhidrosis could also experience the following:

  • Constantly worrying or panicking about wet clothing and body odour
  • Painful and irritating skin problems (eg. Bacterial or fungal infections)
  • Anxiety or reluctance regarding making physical contact
  • Spending a large amount of time dealing with wiping away their sweat

What causes Hyperhidrosis?

Hyperhidrosis Treatment

There used to be the belief that Hyperhidrosis could be linked to the individual’s psychological state and it would strike when stressed, anxious or nervous when triggered. However, later studies have shown that it is the exact opposite. The psychological feelings of stress and anxiety experienced by several individuals with Hyperhidrosis are caused by the uncontrolled amount of sweating.

Some studies have shown that genetics can be involved regarding Hyperhidrosis where it could potentially be inheritable. Most patients with Hyperhidrosis have either a parent or a sibling with the same condition.

Hyperhidrosis Treatment

The treatment requires the use of neurotoxin injectibles that are administered into the sweat glands to offer temporary relief from sweating for a duration of up to 6 months. The neurotoxin function by blocking the nerves from triggering sweat production in the sweat glands.

How do the Neurotoxins Injectibles work?

The neurotoxin injectibles treatment temporarily blocks the sweat glands that cause sweating. To begin with, we will apply a topical numbing cream as each affected area will need several injections. The entire procedure will take approximately 10-20 minutes, not including numbing time.

Where can it be injected?

The neurotoxin can be injected into the underarms (axillary hyperhidrosis). Individuals who suffer from sweaty palms and feet may find this option unsuitable. The skin on the palms and the soles of the feet are quite thick and sensitive. Hence, they can be extremely difficult to numb with just topical numbing cream and so other modalities such as surgery might be a better option.

What are the risks?

The neurotoxin is quite safe as it is actually a protein molecule that is extracted from a special kind of bacteria. In fact, it has a few useful benefits such as treating individuals with muscle spasms to wrinkles and in this case, sweaty underarms. The dosage used is also very low and safe.

The Neurotoxin Injectibles use ultra-fine needles to administer the treatment into the skin. Individuals do not have to go under the knife and there is little to no fear from the patient’s side. There is little to zero downtime and after the treatment, patients can immediately head back to their normal activities. Many patients have benefitted from this method of treatment for their sweaty underarms. Find out more about our doctor and Hyperhidrosis Treatment at Cambridge Medical Group.

Dr Shirley Kwee of Cambridge Medical

Dr Shirley Yuliana Kwee

Aesthetic Doctor and
Medical Director of Cambridge Medical Group
GDFM (Singapore)
Dr Shirley Kwee has amassed over 10 years of experience in Aesthetic Medicine and is a trusted practitioner by her patients. Her clinical interests and expertise include injectables (dermal fillers), threadlifts, treatments for skin pigmentation, anti-ageing, weight loss and body sculpting. She strongly believes in helping patients understand their individual beauty and to enhance them with personalised treatment plans and finding the right combination of treatments for her patients.

Dr Lee Mun Heng

Aesthetic Doctor and Founder
of Cambridge Medical Group
With more than 15 years of medical aesthetics experience and a graduate of the world-renowned University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom, Dr Lee aims to draw out one’s natural beauty through the application of safe, minimally invasive and holistic procedures. He is also a key opinion leader in the realm of aesthetic technology, often travelling the world to seek out the latest and most effective treatments.

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