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Chin fillers

Chin fillers refer to hyaluronic acid injections that are used to alter the shape and appearance of the chin. Hyaluronic acid is a substance that occurs naturally in the body and is the main component of what gives your skin tissue its volume.

In general, the goal of chin fillers is to create a longer, more distinctive looking jowl. Chin fillers can help to correct receding chins and also help patients achieve an aesthetically pleasing V-shaped jawline.

How are chin fillers performed?

The doctor will first perform a thorough consultation to assess your chin condition and shape. The amount of fillers to be used and the type of filler will be determined in the course of the evaluation. A nurse will generally perform some cleaning to ensure that the face is sterile prior to the procedure.

A topical numbing cream will be applied in order to numb the face prior to the procedure. This usually takes around 10-15 minutes. The doctor will then use a syringe to carefully inject fillers in the proper sites on your chin. Chin fillers generally take around half an hour to complete.

Are chin fillers painful? Is there any downtime?

With the application of the topical numbing cream, receiving chin fillers have been described to be tolerable by most patients.

The procedure is safe and has few side effects. Patients might experience slight pain, swelling and bruising around the injection sites, but these effects are generally temporary.

There isn’t any long downtime associated with chin fillers. Patients are allowed to resume daily activities immediately after the procedure. Patients are generally advised against doing any vigorous sports or sweating too much for a few days to avoid any complications.

Can chin fillers be reversed?

Chin fillers procedure is a reversible procedure. If a patient isn’t satisfied with the overall outcome and change to their face shape, they have the option of getting the procedure reversed. An enzyme known as hyaluronidase will be applied to the treated area. This will act to dissolve the hyaluronic acid within the tissue safely.

How long do the effects of chin fillers last?

Unlike some surgical procedures, the effects of chin fillers are not permanent. The results of chin fillers are generally temporary and last only as long as the hyaluronic acid remains in the tissue. Once the fillers dissolve, the chin returns to its normal shape. This usually takes between six to twelve months. The time it takes for fillers to return to normal may vary from individual to individual.

The nature of hyaluronic acid means that it slowly dissolves into our skin tissue. Hence, your doctor might require you to come back to get touch-ups done every few months. This is to ensure that the new shape of your chin is properly maintained.


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