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November 5, 2020

5 Ways to Remove Eyebags

Girl with eyebags

Eyebags are often one of our biggest enemies in our journey of achieving flawless skin. It can be quite frustrating to try out a whole slew of products and quirky tutorials from the internet and not achieve the desired results. In this article, we discuss a few easy home remedies for eyebags removal.

We will also talk about Cambridge Medical Group’s scarless and non-surgical treatment methods. At Cambridge, we offer two scarless eyebags removal technology - the Fotona Laser Eyebags Removal & Agnes EYE REVO™ Eyebags Removal.

What are eyebags and what causes them?

Despite the peskiness of those puffy rings, eyebags are completely normal.

Some common causes of eyebags are:

  • Ageing
  • Fluid retention
  • Lack of sleep or chronic fatigue
  • Allergies
  • Smoking
  • Heredity
  • Sun exposure
  • Pigmentation
  • Eczema

The ageing process causes the tissues and the muscles supporting our eyes to weaken. This might cause some fats supporting the eyes to move down into the lower eyelids which create puffiness. Fluid retention is created after we wake up or after we consume a meal high in salt.

When should you seek medical treatment for your eyebags?

If the swelling persists and appears severe, painful, itchy or red, it is recommended to seek medical advice immediately as these could be the first symptoms of a serious medical condition such as thyroid or severe allergies. If there are any underlying medical conditions, these patients will have to be referred to the correct physicians.

Most of the time, eyebags treatments are sought out for cosmetic purposes which can significantly change one’s appearance. 

What Are Some Of The Home Remedies That Can Be Used To Relieve EyeBags?

With unlimited access to medical information on the internet, the various types of home remedies are endless. We’ve narrowed it down to 3 simple home remedies that are easily accessible and affordable.

Before you rush to your nearest supermarket to grab these ingredients, we would also like to share that these home remedies are not been medically evaluated and are more suitable for short-term relief of eyebags. Results can also vary according to the individual's lifestyle and habits.

1. Tea bags

Caffeinated tea bags are no longer just for consumption purposes and can double up as your quick eyebag fix. The caffeine in teabags contains powerful antioxidants which are proven to increase blood flow to your skin. The application of teabags also protects your skin against ultraviolet (UV) rays and may potentially slow down the ageing process. A study on the effect of caffeine on the eyes showed improved skin elasticity in 100% of the participants. [1]

Green tea is one of the most effective tea bags which have proven to give some of the best anti-inflammatory results.

How to apply tea bags:
1. Steep two tea bags for 3 to 5 minutes
2. Place the tea bags in the refrigerator and leave them to chill for 20 minutes.
3. Squeeze out the excess liquid from the tea bags and place them underneath your eyes.
4. Leave the tea bags there for 15 to 30 minutes before cleaning off the liquid.

2. Cold compress

Instead of investing in topical creams, cold compress treatment is also an effective alternative treatment. You can make your own cold compress using items which you can find easily at home. Applying a cold compress is known to help blood vessels to constrict quickly. This temporary relieves swelling and puffiness around your eyes, which reduces the eyebags.

Some items you can find at home to make your own cold compress are:
-    Chilled teaspoon
-    Cool cucumber
-    Wet washcloth
-    Bag of frozen vegetables

To prevent any possible ice burns, you should wrap your cold compress with a soft cloth. Apply the compress for 5 to 10 minutes before checking to see the results.

3. Elevate your head while you sleep

Eight hours of sleep is often difficult to achieve. Despite this, having quality sleep is something we should all try to strive for. Keeping your head elevated with extra pillows prevents the pooling of fluid in your lower eyelids. This in turn reduces fluid retention and physically reduces puffiness.

You might want to consider investing in a special wedge pillow or special bed risers to elevate your entire bed. Some individuals choose these methods if elevating their head causes neck pain or the inability to fall asleep.

When home remedies have been tried and tested to no results, you may want to consider opting for aesthetic procedures that can help get rid of these pesky eyebags once and for all.

How is eyebags removal done at Cambridge Medical?

Cambridge Medical Group offers 2 non-surgical scarless eyebag removal treatments – the Fotona Laser Eyebags Removal & Agnes EYE REVO™

Fotona Laser Eyebags Removal

What is the Fotona Laser Eyebags Removal?

The general procedure of our Fotona Laser Eyebags Removal is the use of advanced laser technology (SmoothEye™ mode) for skin tightening and reduction of fine lines around the eye region. [2]

With significant advances in technology over the past years, the Fotona Laser innovative eyebags treatment uses two lasers; firstly, a dermal collagen stimulating laser and secondly, gentle skin resurfacing laser. 

This treatment is done on the palpebral conjunctiva (the inner mucosal lining) for a significant tightening of eyebags. It does not involve invasive treatment methods, needles, cuts, bleeding, bruising or downtime.

Our lasers:
- Stimulate collagen production and contraction of fat pads
- Facilitate skin resurfacing and tightening of the skin around the eyes

What to expect during the eyebags removal procedure?

Before the procedure, the patient’s face is cleansed for sterilisation. Next, a topical numbing cream is applied externally followed by topical eye drops. These minimise discomfort from the procedure. After which, an eye shield, similar to contact lens, will be inserted onto the patient’s eyes for protection and to make the procedure more comfortable.

The SMOOTHEye™ Mode pulse transmits optical energy in a single sub-second long pulse sequence which avoids heat build-up. The surface tissue will then stimulate collagen production which improves the elasticity and texture around the eye area during the last pulse.

Benefits of Fotona Laser Eyebags Removal

1. Delicate Treatment

This treatment is highly effective in restoring delicate skin around the eyes without exerting too much pressure over the soft skin region.

2. Advanced Rejuvenation

The advanced lasers in this treatment method will gently ablate the skin’s surface and stimulate warming in the deeper layers of the skin. This contracts collagen fibres and boosts collagen production for more radiant skin around the eyes.

3. Noticeable Results

This treatment ensures improvements in the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes and eyebags. It is guaranteed to show a refreshing and natural appearance due to the lasers’ abilities to regenerate skin-healing. How many treatments are required? An average of 6 treatment sessions is recommended. However, this depends on the severity of the patient’s eyebag condition and how the patient responds to each treatment session. Each patient’s recovery time varies and it is best that they are not exposed to heat for at least 48 hours after the treatment and apply sun protection.

You can read more about the Fotona Laser Eyebag Rejuvenation procedure here.


What is Agnes EYE REVO™?

EYE REVO™ is a technique hailing from Korea. It is an aesthetic procedure which aims to reduce unwanted eye bags and eye wrinkles without invasive or surgical means. In this treatment, only topical anaesthesia is needed. Our non-surgical Agnes EYE REVO™ eliminates the risk of scarring and hassle of stitching/stitch removal which is commonly used in traditional surgical methods.

What to expect during the Agnes EYE REVO™ procedure?

 Prior to the procedure, the eyebag area is marked and topical numbing cream is applied. A patented micro-needle (similar to a “mosquito sting”) emits radio-frequency energy with precision selects subcutaneous fat between the skin and before the orbital septum. This results in the skin around the eye region tightening and becoming firmer. Skin laxity is preserved on the upper eyelids and eye area, leaving no scars behind.

Advantages of the Agnes EYE REVO™ treatment at a glance

  • Minimally invasive and non-surgical procedure and no risk of visible scarring
  • Use of patented technology that effectively melts and contracts the fat in the eyebags
  • Stimulates collagen production which results in a more radiant and youthful appearance of the eyes
  • Firmer and tightened skin in lower eyelids
  • Minimal downtown and minimal discomfort
  • Safe and effective treatment

You can read more about the Agnes EYE REVO™ eyebags removal procedure here.

Want to consult Dr Lee Mun Heng to discuss your condition and the most effective treatment programme for you? Drop us an enquiry!

  1. Ahmadraji, F., & Shatalebi, M. A. (2015). Evaluation of the clinical efficacy and safety of an eye counter pad containing caffeine and vitamin K in emulsified Emu oil base. Advanced biomedical research4, 10. https://doi.org/10.4103/2277-9175.148292
  2. Roh, M. R., & Chung, K. Y. (2009). Infraorbital dark circles: definition, causes, and treatment options. Dermatologic surgery35(8), 1163-1171.


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