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July 21, 2021

How to undo a bad eyebrow microblading job

Microblading and its side effects

We’re all familiar with that feeling — going through the hassle of drawing our eyebrows in, only to have them relocate themselves onto the towel that we used to wipe our face, or fade away throughout the day. This is why people have turned to microblading: to get perpetually shapely brows. Microblading, the process of applying tiny, semi-permanent tattoos that mimic the hair strands on your brows. With this procedure, you’ll get fuller-looking and perfectly shaped brows all day, every day. While it has its many perks, there’s always a possibility of botched, ugly brows and long-term side effects that often go undiscussed. 

What are some of the long-term side effects of microblading?

Prices for microblading vary greatly, but these semi-permanent brows usually stay with you for up 2 and a half years, so choosing a salon or professional beautician is extremely important to ensure a smooth procedure with no complications and results you’re happy with. When undergoing microblading, they may come with certain implications:

It may lead to infection [1]

As with any tattoo or break in the skin, there is a risk of bacteria or viruses like hepatitis. This is why it’s important that your beautician maintains a good level of hygiene and keeps the environment and equipment sterile. Additionally, if the ink is contaminated with bacteria or mould, you can fall sick and your doctor may prescribe antibiotics or antifungals to treat it.

You may get an allergic reaction

Ingredients are also important. Always ensure you take the necessary precautions to make sure you don’t get an allergic reaction to the dyes used to match the natural colour of your brows — this is especially so if you’re prone to allergic reactions!

Your brows may not be what you were hoping to see

As mentioned earlier, 2 and a half years is a long time and, depending on your beautician’s expertise, you may not get the results you were hoping for. For example, unbalanced brows are a common mistake that cannot be undone immediately. There are also instances where the dye fades over time, becomes discoloured, and looks unsightly.

So how do we get rid of them?

Fret not! Just like any other tattoo, you can have them removed via a laser. At Cambridge Medical, we offer an FDA approved treatment called the Picocare 450 — which allows you to get rid of your botched brows with close to no pain. 

In this procedure, a laser is used to split and dissolve the tattoo colours and pigments into small particles using pulses a thousand times shorter than those used in typical Q-switched lasers. This creates a more photomechanical action, which means a lower thermal effect on the skin, reducing the chance of side of side effects like blistering or discolouration.

As mentioned earlier, generating shockwaves at a trillionth of a second, the Pico laser has minimal heat generation. It can reach the target area and dissipate so quickly that the skin cannot absorb the heat generated, making it safe, effective, and efficient. After the treatment, the healing process can include scabbing, redness, flaking, and itchiness. It is usually recommended to have a few sessions to see results, depending on a combination of factors such as the nature of the ink and the density of the pigment

Time to heal your skin

Now that you’ve removed your botched brows, you might experience some side effects such as itchiness or dry skin during the healing process. With that, you should pamper and nourish your skin to let it heal beautifully. 

The PDRN Healer at Cambridge is the newest skin healing treatment specially formulated to stimulate collagen. Its main focus is the protection and repair of the skin. 

With this treatment, your collagen structure can be restored and increased skin elasticity by reactivating the skin’s healing ability. Consisting of polynucleotides, anti-inflammatory, and tissue repair agents, it activates cell renewal and improves damaged skin. Using micro-needles, the injections help with wound healing by increasing microcirculation and hydration. It also helps with anti-inflammation by cleansing your skin of free radicals.

Using these ultra-fine needles, you’ll be assured that the procedure is comfortable and less painful. Depending on the skin condition, you’ll be able to see an effect from as little as one session. With the ingredients used during the treatment, you’ll experience visible improvements in your skin with time as your skin is repaired from the inside. Plus, you’ll be able to get back to your usual routine post-treatment with no downtime.

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