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January 23, 2019

Chin Augmentation - How you can achieve your dream V-shaped face


In Now: V-Shaped Face

The V-shaped face is one that is enviable in many cultures, due to the slimming effect it has. Often referred to as a heart shape, the cheeks are fuller and the jawline is narrower, resulting in a younger look. It began to grow in popularity in Asian cultures and has spread to others as well. There are a few ways to achieve this look if one is not born naturally with it, such as through chin augmentation. Take a look at the options below that can help make the face more V-shaped, and, in turn, fuller and younger looking.

Chin Augmentation

chin augmentation

By making subtle alterations to the chin, the jawline can appear more youthful and full, and the face will appear more balanced overall. Adding fullness to the chin can be the first step in achieving the V-shape in the face. This is a surgical procedure that has a quick recovery time and produces permanent results.


A synthetic implant can be added to the chin to balance the facial features. The material is biocompatible and looks and feels natural and leaves minimal to no scarring. The implant is placed during an outpatient procedure and most patients can return to normal activities within a week’s time. It can be done under local anaesthesia, and the results are permanent as well.

Generally, chin augmentation using alloplastic implants is a relatively straightforward procedure with low risks and a high satisfaction rate of 97.8%. [1]

More Options to Achieve the V-Shape

Some people may notice that chin augmentation suffices to help them achieve the look they want. Others may find that chin augmentation can be combined with other options to further enhance the look and get closer to the V-shaped face.

Injectable Treatments and Cheek Implants

Fillers can be injected into the cheeks to slim down the entire face and produce more fullness in the cheeks themselves. The injectable filler must be used a few times a year for optimal results, but downtime is minimal and the results are a more youthful appearance. Cheek implants, on the other hand, are inserted through insertions in the mouth and are a permanent solution. The placement of implants is considered to be a surgical procedure, while injectable fillers can be done without any anaesthesia. [2]


It’s common for rhinoplasty (nose reshaping) to be done in combination with a chin augmentation. When the chin is reshaped, it’s important for the nose to be kept in balance, and subtle changes to it may help improve the overall look of the face and can help achieve the V-shape.

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