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August 11, 2021

Eye Bag Removal Without Surgery

Girl with eye bag

Eye bags tend to make us look tired, dull or older than we really are. Regardless of age, dealing with puffy or saggy under-eyes can take a toll on one’s self-esteem. Perhaps you’ve tried every over-the-counter eye cream or patch possible for eye bag removal. Here are some ways to take back control of your skin and minimise the appearance of these under-eye bags. 

Get your health checked

Chronic eyebags that don’t seem to go away may be telling of an underlying health issue more than just a cosmetic one. In which case, it might be good to consult your doctor. These issues could range from a thyroid issue to sinus dysfunction, and manifest themselves as puffy eyes. 

You should also factor in allergies that you might have as it can irritate your eyes and cause fluid to build up under your eyes that create a puffy look. [1] Check in with a doctor of possible allergens like dust and get a prescription of antihistamines to reduce the allergy attacks and puffiness around your eyes. 

You are what you eat (and drink!)

It’s time to improve your diet and eat healthily — especially if you catch yourself consuming large amounts of salty food. Salt can cause water retention and can affect how you look, eyes included. [2] Instead, look out for food rich in sources of Vitamin A and Vitamin C like carrots, peppers and oranges as they have anti-inflammation properties. Fruits like pineapples also contain bromelain to reduce swelling and puffiness, or blueberries that have antioxidant properties. 

If you consume large amounts of alcohol, it’s time to put down your wine glasses as alcohol is also a culprit for fluid retention. 

Staying hydrated regularly can help counter under-eye puffiness. If you’re dehydrated, it can make your eye bags look worse while being amplified by excess salt and alcohol. Drinking water can help with circulation to remove excess fluid. 

Get your beauty sleep

Being well-rested gives your body time to regenerate and rejuvenate, and this helps get rid of your eyebags. When you’re asleep, your brain can attend to issues within the body for healing. For example, the brain can trigger the release of hormones to encourage tissue growth to repair blood vessels. This helps wounds heal faster and restores sore muscles. When you don’t get enough sleep, your immune system is not able to protect the body from infection and this may affect different areas around your body like your eyes. Sleeping can also decrease stress levels and keep cortisol levels low. 

Say “no” to stress

When you’re stressed, cortisol levels will increase and that might also increase the puffiness of your eyes. This is because when your body is dealing with large amounts of stress, your hormones will go on overdrive — one of the symptoms being eye puffiness. Different ways to reduce stress and keep you calm include meditation, yoga and breathing exercises. Other exercises such as "facial yoga" also help: A study showed that a regimen of at-home facial exercises maintained for 20 weeks seemed to improve mid-face and lower face fullness. Participants were highly satisfied with significant improvement in 18 of 20 facial features. [3]

Non-surgical eye bag removal

If these options prove to be ineffective, you could consider getting rid of your eye bags with non-invasive treatments, namely the Agnes Eye Revo Eye Bag Removal or Fotona Laser Eyebag Removal treatment. 

The Agnes EYE REVO Eye Bag Removal Treatment

The Agnes Eye Revo is a non-surgical eye bag removal treatment designed to reduce unwanted eye bags and eye wrinkles without having to go under the knife. This obliviates the risk of scarring. 

Topical anaesthesia is first applied. Using a fine microneedle, radio-frequency energy will be emitted to select the fatty areas around the eye, namely the eye bags. The patented technology will effectively melt the fat around your eyebags. Subsequently, the targeted fats will be removed without making any cuts and the fats will be removed naturally through the body. At the same time, collagen production will be stimulated — helping to firm and tighten the skin around the eye area for a youthful appearance. 

Quick and efficient, the procedure lasts only 20 minutes. With minimal downtime and discomfort, this treatment is a safe and effective solution to your eyebags. 

The Fotona Laser Eye Bag Removal Treatment

The Fotona Laser Eyebag Removal treatment uses an advanced laser technology of two different 4D lasers during the treatment. The first laser helps reduce your eye bags by focusing on the contraction of the fat pads and stimulate collagen production to tighten the skin. Thereafter, a gentler laser will be used to help with skin resurfacing and tightening of your eyelids.

Similar to Agnes EYE REVO, a topical numbing cream will be administered before the treatment begins. In addition, an eye shield, which is similar to a contact lens, will be used to protect your eyes. Using lasers that heat up to 42 – 45°C, the Fotona will target the deeper layers of the skin. Through this method, your lower eyelids’ fat will be reduced without any cuts required like in surgical procedures. The heat will also help stimulate and regenerate collagen production, an essential protein required in your skin, for a firm and tight look around the eyes. 

The Fotona Laser Eye Bag Removal will reduce mild to moderate eye bags without damaging the skin around them, making it a safe procedure with minimal downtime. 

Depending on the individual’s eye bag condition and response to the treatments, you will require a minimum of three sessions to ensure effectiveness. By the end of these sessions, your skin around the eye area will be restored along with a youthful and radiant appearance. 


Eye bags can make us look older and more tired than we actually are, so understandably, we’d want them gone. Unfortunately, eye creams and gels have very limited, if any effect, on the bags under our eyes as they do not address the root issue. 

Hopefully, these solutions have provided you with no-cuts, -needles and minimal-downtime ideas that you could take on to help say goodbye to your puffy under-eyes! 

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