Aqua Shine Skin Booster 水光针

Aqua Shine Skin Booster

What is Aqua Shine Skin Booster?

The Aqua Shine Skin Booster at Cambridge Medical Group involves a series of deeply hydrating Micro-injections for aiding in the rejuvenation of skin. It uses hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance that helps skin to retain moisture and fullness. By gently smoothening skin from within, a radiant complexion is achievable.

The micro-injections bring deep skin hydration to the treated areas, giving it improved firmness, elasticity and smoothness. The effects are aimed to be subtle and natural looking as the stimulation process progresses over the weeks following the procedure.

For optimal results, a series of 3 sessions is recommended.

AquaShine is suitable for men and women of all skin types and is recommended for both people with younger or mature skin.

Aqua Shine Skin Booster


  1. Deep hydration over the face & lips.
  2. Smoothening and softening of necklines.
  3. Smoothening and softening of the décolletage.
  4. Filling out the back of hands.
  5. To improve the skin structure of acne-scarred or photo-damaged skin.


After consultation with Dr Lee to assess your suitability, topical numbing is applied to the treatment area. A series of micro-injections are performed by the doctor over the treatment area. These micro-injections are tiny, fine needle superficial injections into the skin. Appropriate analgesia is applied to make sure the treatment is comfortable for you. The session takes approximately 15-20mins.

A typical Aqua Shine program is made of 3 initial treatment sessions done 2 to 4 weeks apart.


1. Subtle and gradual skin plumping.

2. Smoothening and softening of neck lines.

3. Improved skin texture and radiance Indivudal results may vary according to existing conditions).

4. Minimal down-time and minimal discomfort

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