Plexr Plasma EyeLIFT (Singapore eyelid treatment)

Plexr Plasma EyeLIFT

Plexr Plasma EyeLIFT is an eyelift and eyelid treatment technique developed jointly through an Italian-Korean collaboration, that helps patients to lift and rejuvenate sagging skin and uneven folds around the double eyelid. The procedure is not surgical and only requires topical numbing cream to lift the eyelids, and therefore it is a relatively painless and fuss-free eyelifting process. The Plasma Applicator is used to design the eyelift and will leave tiny micro scabs that fall off in a few days.

Plexr Plasma EyeLIFT

Who is the eyelid treatment suitable for?

It is suitable for those with excess skin on the eyelids giving them a tired and aged look, but want to avoid surgical eyelid treatments in Singapore or a blepharoplasty procedure.


1. Plexr Plasma is dynamic – meaning that it allows the doctor to ask the patient to open and close their eyes during eyelid treatment and eyelifting process, thus clearly showing which folds of the skin are still to be treated.

2. It is also non-ablative as it is performed without an incision, without cutting, without removing fat and without altering the orbicularis muscle in the eyelids.

3. Plexr Plasma can help to tighten excess skin without a scalpel and with no surgery, which can result in an overall better eyelift experience.

4. It is also possible to modify the eye crease and eye shape and create improvements in the eye and eyelids' appearance.

5. It can also correct asymmetry in the eye crease.

The Plexr Eyelift Eyelid Treatment Process

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Plasma is actually the fourth state of matter, the other states being solid, liquid and gas. Plexr Plasma uses the ionization of gases in the air forming plasma. The plasma created forms a small electric arc that can treat skin surrounding the eye area without spreading unwanted heat to the surrounding skin, thus minimizing collateral skin damage.

It is suitable for use on all skin types.

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