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PicoCare 450 Laser + HEXA MLA

PicoCare 450 Laser + HEXA MLA

What is PICO + HEXA MLA?

The PICO Laser is the latest advancement in skin laser equipment, due to its lightning-fast speed and ultra-short pulse duration.

How fast is ultra-fast?

To get a feel of how fast a PICOsecond is, we compare it to a NANOsecond, which was the last record holder of speed in Skin Laser technology.

A NANOsecond pulse is One BILLIONTH of a second – in other words a nano-laser pulse every 1/10 of a second. That is certainly mighty fast, but it now pales in comparison to the amazing PICO LASER as a PICOsecond pulse is One TRILLILIONTH of a second.

What is HEXA MLA?

HEXA Microlens Array Technology or HEXA MLA for short, refers to an advanced extension of the PICO LASER. Due to its exceptional quality and refractive properties, HEXA MLA tallows light energy to be focused up to 15 times more in each dot.


Enhancing Pico Laser with HEXA MLA

Now, when the PICO Laser is combined together with HEXA MLA technology, a special chain effect known as Laser Induced Optical Breakdown (or LIOB for short) Plasma Cavitation occurs.

The LIOB Plasma Cavitation effect occurs when tissues are rapidly energised by high powers. This combined with the high peak power of ultra-short pulses, gives a more effective and safe treatment of Acne Scars.

Unlike older versions of ND:YAG lasers where there is simply a Photothermal effect, the PICO + HEXA MLA generates a Photomechanical or Photoacoustic effect with lesser thermal effects and stronger mechanical fragmentation.

All this means that there are clear advantages of using PICO + HEXA MLA in the treatment of all types of acne scars.

What are the advantages?

  • Enhanced Precision
  • Reduced Risk
  • Less Discomfort
  • Fewer Treatments
  • A superior approach for the treatment of Acne Scars, both shallow and deep



PICO + HEXA MLA creates a collection of elegantly precise “bubbles” under the skin. The “bubbles” are small and do not cause unnecessary damage. These bubbles have the ability to lift depressed acne scars up, smoothening uneven skin and giving superior results with lesser discomfort and lower downtime.

Comparatively, old fractional ablative treatments such as the CO2 Laser would do this by inducing big jagged channels of thermal ablation, harming healthy tissue and causing more pain and downtime. CO2 Lasers typically take 5 to 7 days to recover while PICO+HEXA MLA patients recover in just 2 days.

What’s more, PICO + HEXA MLA does not breach the superficial skin overlying the acne scar, hence there is quick healing.

  • Shorter recovery time
  • Very satisfactory results in a SINGLE session

How enhanced is the efficacy?

The PICO + HEXA MLA combines to give a higher peak power with shorter pulse duration – this provides better efficacy for treatment of skin conditions and rejuvenation.

PICO+HEXA MLA replaces the traditional Subcision method


pico hexa mla vs traditional subcision

In traditional subcision treatment, a needle is used to ablate and damage acne scar tissues. The disadvantage is that subcision treatment is often very painful and the recovery period is long. There is often bruising and adverse effects such as hypertrophic scarring can occur.


PICO + HEXA MLA is superior to subcision because it is less painful, fast recovery and has low incidence of causing hypertrophic formations. PICO + HEXA MLA is also able to treat scars from Chicken Pox and nail scratches, highly effective.

What is the treatment like?

A topical anaesthetic cream will be applied so that you are comfortable during the treatment. The session takes just 10minutes. Post-treatment, a cooling masque is immediately applied to calm the skin and quicken the healing process.

It is normal for scabs to form a day or 2 later. These will fall off naturally within 5-7 days.

During the recovery period, you should avoid saunas or sunbathing or places where you are exposed to excessive heat.

The treatment interval for acne scars is every 4 weeks. Find out more about the doctor and treatment at Cambridge Medical Group.

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