The Kinetic JETLIFT is a new facelift treatment is one of the few in Singapore that uses Kinetic Energy to tighten and rejuvenate the face.

Unlike lasers, RF and HIFU, the Kinetic JETLIFT facelifting treatment in Singapore does not use any thermal heat and targets below the SMAS layer. One of the main reasons people perform facelifts is to reduce wrinkles. As the effectiveness of wrinkle removal in Singapore differs based on the individual, it is difficult to find a solution that suits everyone. However, the way Kinetic JetLift works make it very effective at wrinkles removal and eradicating fine lines.


The facelift treatment works like a jet energy bullet, using the technique of subcision, to remodel collagen and increase the dermis layer.

There is no direct contact, no needles and no surgery. During the facelifting process, energy is delivered directly to the target tissue using a dispersion effect.



  1. Non-surgical face tightening
  2. Immediate and long-lasting FACELIFT
  3. Anti-ageing of neck and hands
  4. Effective wrinkles removal and wrinkles reduction
  5. Acne scars of the following types: Ice pick, Boxcar, Rolling, Hypertrophic


"THE NEEDLE-FREE and high-tech therapy can yield dramatic results without going under the knife" - Kelynn who prefers non-invasive methods


"The process it really relax, and i’m amazed with the immediate result. After the treatment, i can feel my skin tighten and firm." - Kelynn recounts her positive experience with Kinetic Jet Lift.


Kinetic JETLIFT is recommended for:

Kinetic Jetlift Facelift in Singapore is performed as a medical-grade treatment. As such, patients are highly recommended to book an initial consultation with the doctor to gauge the effectiveness of the treatment and expected results. Depending on your diagnosis, the doctor will then prescribe the most suitable facelift treatment for you in Singapore. Typically, best results are seen in patients with the following profile(s):

  1. Young patients (mid-20s to 40s)
  2. Patients with thin skin
  3. Patients with soft skin


Video, Before and After photos are available in clinic.


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