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Laser Hair Removal

Hair is made of a special tough protein, known as keratin, and grows all over our body. A hair follicle helps the hair attach itself in our skin, and the hair is nourished with hormones that modify hair growth and structure at different stages of our life. The hormones determine where hair grows on our body, particularly after puberty. While hair on some parts of our body, such as on our head, is desirable, hair growth on other parts of our body, such as on our arms, underarms, back, and legs, might appear unappealing for some. Although excessive hair growth does not pose any health concern, it could nonetheless be a cosmetic concern for some if unwanted hair is growing on some parts of the body. Undesirable hair growth on parts such as the back or legs might cause those who are more self-conscious about their appearance to develop issues related to lower self-esteem.

Laser Hair Removal treatment at Cambridge

Advancements in medical technology have allowed special lasers to permanently remove hair from specific body parts while also discouraging hair from growing in that area by destroying hair follicles. Laser hair removal treatments are highly recommended because they are quick. They typically take only between 5 and 10 minutes for more compact parts, such as the underarms, and no more than 20 minutes if a larger area of treatment is required. Laser hair removal able to remove undesirable hair growth from any part of the body and is suitable not only for all skin types but also effective for removing both dark and light-coloured hair permanently.

Laser hair removal treatments are non-surgical and non-invasive in nature, meaning that no anaesthetics nor needles are involved. This minimises the risk of side-effects and reduces the downtime for the patient, meaning that you will be able to resume your normal daily activities immediately after your treatment session at Cambridge is completed. Furthermore, laser hair removal treatments are painless, though some might experience a warm sensation caused by the laser over the treatment area.

It is highly recommended that patients shave hair over the treatment area a few days before the laser hair removal session for it to produce optimal results. Patients should also avoid plucking or waxing hair over the treatment area 3 weeks prior to the treatment so that the hair shaft is still attached to the hair follicle, making the laser removal treatment more effective. Patients should also avoid waxing, threading, or plucking unwanted hair over the treatment area before the treatment session but can continue to shave after the laser hair removal treatment.

Fotona FRAC3® Hair Removal

Fotona FRAC3® Hair Removal

Dr Lee Mun Heng at Cambridge Medical Group recommends the Fotona FRAC3® Hair Removal treatment, a medically tested and clinically proven laser hair removal treatment technology that is safe for all skin types. These lasers have modern pulse-control technology and a proprietary three-dimensional treatment pattern (FRAC3®) to ensure safe and effective hair removal by effectively targeting surface treatment areas while leaving surrounding tissues unaffected. This makes it very safe to use on all skin types. The Fotona FRAC3® Hair Removal system has fast and precise performance capabilities, allowing it to treat large areas such as the legs, back and chest, faster and more efficiently without compromising on safety, all of which help minimise the risk of side effects.

The Fotona FRAC3® Hair Removal’s advanced laser pulses at an ultra-fast rate, allowing the laser energy to penetrate deeply for effective hair removal while keeping the temperature increase on the skin surface minimal, hence ensuring that the skin surface is not damaged. The instantaneous laser pulses also make the treatment experience more comfortable for the patient while reducing the risk of side effects.

Most patients can expect a significant amount of hair to be removed over the treatment area. Future hair growth over the area, if any, will also typically be thinner, lighter, and less conspicuous. Results are quick and improvements should be visible within one week of the first laser hair removal session. Depending on the size of the treatment area, between three to five sessions spaced six to eight weeks apart will lead to a significant aesthetic and clinical result. However, the success of hair reduction treatments depends largely on a patient’s skin and hair type, as well as the skills and treatment insight of the doctor. It is therefore very important that a properly trained and highly experienced doctor is selected to ensure optimal and long-lasting treatment results.

Benefits of Fotona FRAC3® Hair Removal

  • permanent hair reduction
  • gentle, fast and convenient
  • long-lasting results
  • suitable for all skin types
  • no ingrown hair, irritated or infected skin
  • suitable for larger and smaller areas