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November 12, 2020

Doublo Gold HIFU Treatment vs Ultherapy - Sessions Needed, Cost, Pain Level


When it comes to determining the type of rejuvenation treatment one should invest in, it is perfectly normal for one to feel overwhelmed by the variety of treatments. This is especially because of the rapid increase in new technologies. In this article, we will delve deeper into the differences between the Doublo Gold HIFU Treatment and other common treatments such as Ultherapy.

Essentially, HIFU treatment is non-surgical and non-invasive for skin tightening. It is mainly used for face-lifting and skin rejuvenation. [1]

Double Gold HIFU Treatment vs Ultherapy - Sessions Needed, Cost, Pain Level

Double Gold HIFUUltherapy
Speed & Duration
• Doublo takes about 8 to 10 minutes for a full-face treatment due to its highly efficient two round firing. 
• Additionally, this makes the procedure more comfortable for the patient.
Speed & Duration
• Ultherapy takes about 60-90 minutes for a full facial treatment of 800+ lines.
• A bearable but tingling or prickling sensation is felt. Most patients do not even require numbing cream and it is immensely comfortable.
• If you have a low pain threshold, speak to your doctor about the option of applying numbing cream.
• Most patients feedback that the Ultherapy can be painful.
• Patients with low pain tolerance may experience more discomfort.
• Our Doublo Gold HIFU treatment at Cambridge Medical Group costs $1,800 for one session.
• Ultherapy treatment at most clinics could cost about $3000 per session.
• High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) and ultrasound technology are used in both treatments.
• Doublo Gold HIFU & Ultherapy both have 3 depths: 1.5mm, 3mm and 4.5mm.
• Microphotographic ultrasound or ultrasound imaging is used in Ultherapy.
• Doublo Gold HIFU & Ultherapy both have 3 depths: 1.5mm, 3mm and 4.5mm.
Country of Origin
• Doublo Gold is originally from Korea, where millions of cases have been done.
Country of Origin
• Ultherapy is from the United States.
Number of sessions required
• Doublo Gold HIFU requires 2 sessions a year.
• Follow up sessions may be required 4 to 6 months after the first treatment.
• Results are most visible 10 weeks after treatment. Elastin and collagen regeneration allow your skin to become firmer and this will gradually appear over 3 to 6 months.
• The results usually last for a year. However, this varies from patient to patient.
Number of sessions required
• The recommended treatment is once a year.
•Best results will be observed within 2-3 months from the start of treatment.
• Results will last between 6 to 18 months.
• Ultherapy treatment on the body is not FDA approved. This may be bypassed by certain technicians and may not be safe for all patients.

What is Doublo Gold HIFU?

Hailing from South Korea, who is known for their highly advanced, state of the art skincare technology and treatment, Hironic Doublo Gold HIFU aims to provide patients with safe, comfortable and efficient treatments.

In 2011, Doublo was the pioneer model for HIFU, where clinical cases soar to the millions. Since developing the Doublo Gold, which is the upgraded version of Doublo, its popularity amongst patients and medical professionals has rapidly increased, cementing itself as the ideal skin rejuvenation treatment. 

Doublo adds that elusive kick to your skin rejuvenation routine using Gold HIFU’s remarkable and consistent dot quality. Through a non-invasive and non-surgical treatment, 300 shots are delivered every 8 minutes at 2 rows per shot. The Doublo Gold uses ultrasonic energy to help elevate skin laxity in the face and neck. This guarantees patient satisfaction with minimal to no pain while producing high-quality results for a more rejuvenated you!

Normal HIFU vs Doublo Gold HIFU Treatment Machine

Being the third generation of South Korea’s famed medical-grade HIFU technology, the time needed for a full treatment session is halved, which other treatments cannot compete with. The best part of this treatment is perhaps the minimal to no pain, as compared to Ultherapy, which is also longer in treatment time and typically more expensive.

Lastly, Doublo Gold HIFU is cost-effective, which is sure to make your wallets smile! With the technology being arranged at 2 rows per shot, patients would be receiving maximum effect, in half the time, at a minimal cost.

What does Doublo Gold HIFU target during treatment?

Unlike most technologies, HIFU’s elusive quality is its ability to penetrate deeply into the skin layers. While RF technology is only able to reach just above the subcutaneous layer, HIFU is able to reach the deeper Superficial Muscularaponeurotic System (SMAS) layer under the fat.

The heat from the HIFU is required to reach the SMAS layer of our skin which is in between the layer of subcutaneous fat and muscle layer. By using focused ultrasonic heat energy, the collagen is remodelled easily. HIFU energy is the best technology for this treatment as it is able to penetrate into the Subcutaneous Musculoaponeurotic System (SMAS) layer without any difficulties [2], unlike many products and technologies in the market.

Doublo Gold HIFU Treatment mechanism diagram
Layers of the skin including SMAS layer

List of skin layers which HIFU can reach during treatment:

  • Epidermis
  • Dermis
  • Subcutaneous
  • SMAS

What does Doublo Gold HIFU treat exactly?

Doublo Gold HIFU treats:

  • Face lifting
  • Eyebrow lifting
  • Jowl lifting
  • Nasolabial fold reduction
  • Double chin reduction
  • Body shaping
  • Pore size reduction
  • Alleviate neck wrinkles

How safe is the HIFU treatment?

Doublo Gold HIFU is safe for all skin types. What’s even better is that there is no downtime and no bleeding when engaging in this treatment. Doublo Gold HIFU may even complement other aesthetic treatments such as toxins and fillers. 

Is there downtime and/or any side effects of this treatment?

There is no downtime. However, patients may observe slightly blushed skin promptly after the treatment. The blush fades quickly as the skin cools down.

How is Doublo Gold HIFU Treatment administered?

With the 3 different cartridges available, Doublo Gold is administered using a handheld device which sits on the skin’s surface.

Types of Cartridges and their depths:

  • 1.5mm Cartridge – Improves size of pores and skin tone by targeting the upper dermis with its special wound-healing effects. This boosts collagen production and rebuilds the fibroblast.
  • 3.0mm Cartridge – Penetrates deeply to the subcutaneous tissue and derma layer. This boosts collagen production and improves elasticity.
  • 4.5mm Cartridge – Penetrates to the deepest layer which is the SMAS. Thermal energy tightens skin and increasing a skin-lifting effect and minimises wrinkles.

Who is this HIFU treatment meant for?

Doublo Gold HIFU is best suited for patients aged 30 years old and above, as well as patients with mild to moderate skin laxity. It is advisable to do a consultation with your doctor before deciding on the facelift treatment modality most suitable for you.

To conclude, Doublo Gold HIFU is a great go-to skin rejuvenation and non-surgical facelift treatment in the market and is highly sought after by many individuals. It is affordable, shorter in treatment session timings, and poses less risks and side effects.

  1. Kim, J., So, B. J., & Ryu, H. J. (2014). Clinical effectiveness of a high-intensity focused ultrasound in skin lifting. Medical Lasers3(2), 55-58.
  2. Park, H., Kim, E., Kim, J., Ro, Y., & Ko, J. (2015). High-intensity focused ultrasound for the treatment of wrinkles and skin laxity in seven different facial areas. Annals of Dermatology27(6), 688-693.


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