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Non-surgical nose thread lift









这种鼻部整形方法所使用的整形线被称为PDO手术线( polydixanone),可以在一段时间后被人体完全吸收。当它们成为人体的一部分后,这些极细小的线体会构造出新的组织纤维细胞及胶原质,让您的鼻部变得紧致,并令其更加有型。


  •  使鼻部轮廓变得挺拔
  •  使鼻梁坚挺
  •  提拉鼻尖



HIKO Nose Thread Lift VS Filler

Nose augmentation using fillers is a quick procedure that lasts about 9 months to 1 year. The concern with fillers is that it tends to migrate or spread over time, which could lead to a broader looking nose. Fillers are also known to occasionally cause lumpiness which is undesirable.

Nose augmentation using Hiko Thread Lifts, on the other hand, lasts up to 2 years, making it longer-lasting as compared to fillers. Unlike fillers, thread lifts do not migrate or spread over time. As the nose threads dissolve, it has the added advantage of stimulating collagen production so that the nose still looks naturally defined.

HIKO Nose Thread Lift VS Rhinoplasty Surgery

Rhinoplasty surgery is an alternative way of shaping the nose. While the results of a rhinoplasty are very long-lasting, it is a surgical and invasive procedure that requires full sedation. It typically involves a long recovery time of 3 months to 1 year. In addition, the high cost of a rhinoplasty makes it quite unattractive.

HIKO Nose Thread Lift, however, is non-surgical and minimally invasive. The procedure takes just 20 minutes and requires only topical numbing cream. There is virtually no downtime. On rare occasions where there is slight redness, it will go away in 1 day.

Will HIKO Nose Thread Lift deliver sufficient results?

With an experienced doctor such as Dr Lee Mun Heng, the Hiko Nose Thread Lift is an excellent way to contour the nose. The insertion of threads itself is safe and pain-free. In the following, we detail the factors and quality of nose thread required for a successful nose thread lift procedure.

  • The quality and type of nose threads used. Short, thin threads generally yield inferior results. Overly thick threads, on the other hand, may leave a scar at the injection point. Cambridge uses Ultra V PDO threads from Korea that are perfectly suited for HIKO Nose Thread Lifts.
  • The right technique of placement of the threads
  • Number of threads used

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