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Straighten Nose (Crooked Nose Treatment in Singapore)

Nose ThreadLift

Cambridge’s HIKO Nose ThreadLift is a way of enhancing the shape of the nose and improving its contours, without any surgery. It is especially suited to straighten the nose, give a contoured definition and also works as a crooked nose treatment. The HIKO nose straightening treatment helps to achieve a higher nose bridge and also to lift the nose tips. This makes it a good solution for those seeking a non-surgical means to straighten nose or to fix crooked noses in Singapore.

Compared to traditionally rhinoplasty, which involves surgery and incisions, this procedure to straighten noses is non-surgical, minimally invasive with low downtime. Only local anaesthesia and topical numbing cream is required during the process of straightening the nose or for crooked nose treatment..

Straighten Nose / Crooked Nose Treatment

What is a Nose ThreadLift?

The threads used are called PDO (polydixanone) and they are completely absorbed over time. As they dissolve, these ultra-fine threads create new tissue fibroblasts and collagen, giving a tightening effect and further enhancing the nose contour.

Possible Results To Expect*:

  • Straighter contour definition
  • Raising the nose bridge
  • Lifting the nose tip

*Individual results may vary

How long do the effects of a nose straightening last?

The results can last from 1 to 2 years depending on the individual, lifestyle and habits. Repeated treatments to improve results is possible (Individual results may vary according to existing condition).

How do Nose ThreadLifts compare to Traditional Rhinoplasty nose straigtening in Singapore?

Traditional rhinoplasty is much more invasive and involves a longer recovery period. Using rhinoplasty to fix crooked noses also comes with more added risks and downtime.

A Nose ThreadLift on the other hand has a shorter procedure time and requires no general anaesthesia during the entire process during which the nose will be straightened. This is also known as the "lunch-time" treatment in Korea & Japan. The HIKO noselift is also able to function as a crooked nose treatment to a greater effect compared to simple fillers.

The number of threads inserted varies from individual to individual. To find out if you are a suitable candidate to straighten your nose or fix a crooked nose, enquire here.